Jill Soley, Author of Beyond Product. (Photo by Kristin Dokoza)

Author, Product and Marketing Executive

I’ve been launching and growing innovative cloud-based software products at startups and large companies for the past 16 years. Some of those products, like Adobe Creative Cloud, have spurred new growth for mature businesses and others have had lesser fates. I've learned many lessons the hard way and seen a lot of the same mistakes made over and over and over again by super-smart product and technology leaders. Why? It is impossible to know everything and it is easy to get caught up in what you do know. I  authored Beyond Product to help entrepreneurs avoid common pitfalls and build their ideas into successful businesses.

Currently, I am VP Product Management and Product Marketing at Cloverpop, a venture-backed technology startup that helps companies drive business outcomes through improving their decision practices. Prior to Cloverpop, I led Freshworks marketing through rapid growth, expansion upmarket, and development of its US presence. I also launched Adobe’s Creative Cloud, which transformed their mature shrink-wrap software to a growth service and subscription business. 

My career began in documentary film and educational multimedia, learning how to educate through stories and elicit others’ stories - critical to marketing and product success. I have a BS and MBA from MIT and am Mom to my two favorite boys on this planet.

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